She wanted Bigger, Better, Higher, More!

While on tour with Cirque du Soleil in Chicago, Petra came across a magazine featuring African-American stuntwomen in Hollywood and she instantly knew: “That’s what I’m doing next!” She moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and started to pursue a career in stunts. The first film was Minority Report and she was flying from a giant 400-foot long and 50-foot high truss which was set up on the backlot of the Warner Brothers studios.

“It was extremely exciting to be on set every day and to get to work with Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg!” And it was all thanks to stunt coordinator and Second Unit Director Brian Smrz, who knew Petra was the right person for the job! She was in! More big budget films were on the horizon.

A stint in Men in Black II was up next. In The Time Machine, with Guy Pearce, Petra books her first stunt role, portraying the character Eloi and has to fight the menacing Morlocks, but ultimately gets captured and dragged through the crust of the earth – via quicksand.

In Scary Movie 3, Petra was flown in to Vancouver to stunt double Queen Latifah in a spoof of the character Neo from The Matrix. Next was Pirates of the Caribbeans: The Curse of the Black Pearl, that was filmed on the island of St.Vincent, where Petra does the stunts for Zoë Saldana and also plays the role of  the Villager Woman and fights off a drunken Pirate.

Aeon Flux was shot in Berlin and in addition to stunt doubling Sophie Okonedo and Caroline Chikezie, Petra also was hand-picked as Charlize Theron’s trainings partner to work on flexibility and cirque-style fight choreography. Then came Hancock, played by Will Smith, directed by Peter Berg, where Petra is stunt doubling the character Hottie. When the date is not going according to Hancock’s wishes, he jolts her over the bed and solid into the wall by virtue of his super-powers.

In 2009, Petra was double nominated by the Taurus World Stunt Awards for Best High Work and Best Overall Stunt By A Woman as Rosario Dawson’s stunt double on Eagle Eye. Furthermore she also has received a Stuntwoman of the Year nomination by the Celebrity and Stuntwomen’s Awards Diamond in the Raw. The Oscar nominated Flight with Denzel Washington and Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day: Resurgence are additional highlights in Petra’s movie career along with several hit television shows. Please refer to her IMDb page to view the latest résume.

Petra In Action

Car Hit On “Feed The Beast”

Prison Guard Role in the “Rana Pasta” Commercial

Fight Scene On “Castle”

Stunt Demo-Reel

Leona Lewis Music Video “Thunder”

Official Trailer of “Mercenaries”

Mercenaries, a mock buster of The Expendables 3, featuring Zoë Bell,
Kristanna Loken, Brigitte Nielsen, and Vivica A. Fox, who Petra is stunt doubling for.

“Eagle Eye” Rehearsal Footage


Winter 2016

Rana Pasta National TV Commercial! Petra is playing the Prison Guard and is tackling an inmate while he is eating pasta with a fork, an illegal weapon…

Lethal Weapon! Petra is a guest at high-end party in the Hollywood Hills (actually, at Britney Spear’s former mansion) diving out the way during a major shoot-out scene.

Criminal Minds! Petra is stunt doubling for Aisha Tyler, an FBI agent, being slammed into the ground by the bad guy.

Pure Genius! Petra is laying in the hospital bed acting out an epileptic seizure for lovely actor Esther Scott.

Incarnate! A thriller feature with Aaron Eckhart in the lead role – Petra is playing the part of Homeless Woman


Plate commercial! Shoots in Kansas on July 22nd or 23rd. Acting rolePetra will be serving three courses of food to high-altitude restaurants guests, all while walking on a thin tightrope, 40 feet in the air. This will be a 1-hr long live-stream on Facebook with multiple cameras! Yeah! Will post link soon! Thanks in advance for tuning in!

The House! A comedy with Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler, directed by Andrew Jay Cohen. Petra is tumbling down the stairs as Mariah Carey!  …NEWS: Mariah’s part was cut! …there goes my stunt as well! 😓

The Guest Book! Some ground-pounding wearing… let’s say… not much.

The Last Ship! Stunt-Acting role, Party girl #2 and I’m getting shot.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson! Stunt doubling for Phylicia Rashad.

Grey’s Anatomy! Stunting for Klea Scott.

Scandal! Stunt-double, getting shot again.


Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Havenots! Can’t say much now. Top secret. 😁

Petra On The Set (#SetLife 😝)

Here on the rooftop, I’m stunt coordinating Swiss singer TinkaBell’s music video for MTV Switzerland:

 On Incarnate, with Aaron Eckhart in the lead role, I’ve been given role number eleven:

“Homeless Woman”, possessed by the spirit, able to walk walls.