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GOLDIt wasn’t yesterday, actually – it took place 3 months ago; at my fave juice stop and raw food place in Hollywood on Cahuenga Boulevard, called LifeFood Organic.

I had been eyeing this particular item on the menu for weeks, but didn’t allow myself to actually order it. “You don’t have to go nuts with your enthusiasm for juicing”, I said to myself. With “it”, I am talking about a $25 dollar 16oz. juice called Liquid Gold! Twenty-five bucks for a (relatively) small glass of juice, you say? Who does that? Well, they definitely got me with the title! Eventually curiosity took over and I ordered one, totally rejoicing in it. Quiet frankly though, rejoicing not because Gold tasted so amazingly, but rather because of the idea in the mind that I’m actually drinking 24k Gold! Isn’t this crazy?

The juice even came garnished with “Gold Sprinkles”! In my case, some of those were stuck to the lid of my cup!!! I was in shock! I just had payed 25 bucks and some of my Gold Sprinkles were stuck to the lid, wasted! Needless to say that I’ve tried to scrape them off as good as I could. I wanted my money’s worth of Gold; I had payed for it.

To tell you the real, raw truth: It didn’t taste any different from the regular juice I order there, like the Morning Jing for example, coming in at $14 a cup. But just knowing that I’m ingesting Gold – something I’ve definitely never done before – was worth the one-time experience!!! Extremely exciting!!!!!!

I say one-time, because this Liquid Gold juice is now off the menu. Looks like not enough people were going for it. But I was told that they can still make it for you as a special request or you can also simply buy a small bottle of pure Liquid Gold there and take it home.

I really, really, really enjoy this place! It’s the Best juice stop+ in Los Angeles and most likely in the entire world! Much better than most others that are hyped up, because their juices are thick, tasty, nutritious and you can be guaranteed that they are composed of the highest grade ingredients possible – the whole entire point of spending a good amount of your dough on a short lived pleasure of that sort; although with the benefit of long-time health, so no doc bills – if you can manage to eat & live right all the time.

The owners have several books out. The one I’m currently reading is called “Secrets of an Alkaline Body – The New Science of Colloidal Biology” and is written by Annie Padden Jubb and David Jubb, Ph.D. I highly recommend it if you want to learn about stretching your life expectancy (…as long as Dharma, Karma permits it), operating at your highest potential, thinking sharply, fast decision-making, etc. etc. etc.

Here are the remaining ingredients of their Liquid Gold juice (FYI: Not to be confused with Golden Milk): Almond Milk, Papaya, Goji Berries, Blueberries, Hemp Seeds, Coconut Meat, Almond Butter, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Raw Protein, Maca, Tocotrienols, Liquid Gold, Manuka Honey, Enzymes, Probiotics, Flax Oil, Ginger, 24k Edible Golden Leaf.

Furthermore, here are some health benefits of ingesting Gold, taken from the web:
The earliest records of the use of Gold for medicinal and healing purposes come from Alexandria, Egypt. Over 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians ingested gold for mental, bodily and spiritual purification. The ancients believed that gold in the body worked by stimulating the life force and raising the level of vibration on all levels. The Alchemists of Alexandria developed an “elixir” made of liquid gold. They believed that gold was a mystical metal that represented the perfection of matter, and that its presence in the body would enliven, rejuvenate, and cure a multitude of diseases as well as restore youth and perfect health.

Up next: The Gold Facial at the Korean Spa!!! (…which I have yet to take.)